Fresh Meat       Premium Quality

Your specialist team have been hired to investigate the disappearance of the butcher’s daughter. You manage to find the butcher’s 2nd workshop, which those before you knew of but mysteriously went missing before they found its location.

You don’t remember how you ended up locked inside. All you know is that you don’t want to be here when

the butcher arrives, for fear of a gruesome fate…

Difficulty : 4*

Group Size: 2-6 players

Fear Factor: 4


An abandoned toy store looms over an otherwise charming village.

People tell stories of weird noises and strange happenings, toys found in odd places and children going missing.

Nobody has been brave enough to attempt

to solve the mysteries of the toy store

 that is, until you…

Difficulty : 4*

Group Size: 2-6 players

Fear Factor: 3