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You've been invited to watch tonight's premiere, THE KILLER.


It's not a coincidence that you're the only ones in the cinema. Before the movie starts, you pass out. The next thing you know you awake in a dark cell.

Someone is out for revenge. This movie was meant to be 60 minutes long. 

You and your team have the sense that you might not have much longer before the killer returns. Will you make the final cut?

Can you outsmart the killer and figure out a way to escape to freedom?

Difficulty: 3/5 | Size: 2-6 Players


The Darkest Hour


Difficulty: 4/5 | Size: 2-6 Players

You and your team are Secret Agents, tasked by MI6 to investigate Winston Churchill’s private lounge.


Your mission is to search for the secret command centre lost since the Cold War. 


MI6 has new intelligence that a nuclear device stored at this location has been activated by a rogue terrorist.


There are only 60 minutes left until the bomb explodes and all hope is lost!


The darkest hour is upon us… can you save London in time?

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