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When it comes to Escape Rooms we can certainly say that the old phrase Teamwork makes the Dreamwork applies and a solid team of people with a wide variety skills is the best way to get out of any of our rooms.

At No Escape we’ve seen more teams than we can count and though every team is different here are 3 types of players that every successful team needs.

The Team Leader Every Team needs a strong Team Leader to steer the ship as you progress through the challenges that come with any Escape Room. The Team Leader is someone who is full of wisdom and communicates well with other teammates, someone who can break down problems and form strategies to help keep the team moving in the right direction. Often in the heat of the action a lot of ideas will be thrown around and sometimes no idea is a bad idea but it's the team leaders job to take these onboard. The Team Leader may seem like an intimidating role but rest assured every team needs one to have the best chance of your escaping.

The Time Keeper In any Escape Room team there should always be a timekeeper who constantly keeps track of the time and ensures the team stays on course and doesn't spend too long on any individual challenge. Most escape rooms have a visible clock but that does not take away from the importance of the Time Keeper, in the heat of the escape time can easily slip away from any group so it doesn’t hurt to have a designated person making sure the team is on top of the clock. It’s usually quite easy to know who the time keeper is, they’re often the one that makes sure you all get to your game on time! The One with all the Stuff As every team progresses through an escape room there will be lots of things picked up along the way and whether that’s keys or other helpful clues it’s essential you can access all of these quickly. So instead of these being spread across different team members, you'll find that there’ll quickly be a player who becomes The One with all the Stuff. This is probably one of the most important players because this inventory keeper is the one who’ll keep track of all of the items found and collected throughout the room, so make sure its someone with a good memory and not just someone with pockets!

Here are 3 very important types of Escape Room player you’ll need to conquer our rooms, there are many others so look out for our next The No Escape Dream Team blog post for more. In the meantime fellow readers if you can think of some other roles for future escape room goers please let us know on any of our social media pages!

If you've got what it takes to take on one of our rooms why not get your team together and visit one of our brilliant rooms.

International Women's Day took place on 8th March this year and at No Escape we wanted to celebrate the achievements of women and emphasise the importance of gender equality in today's society! To do this we teamed up with Solace Women's Aid as they continue to support women & children in London to build safe lives and strong futures.

We knew that it wouldn't be enough to just make a small donation, we waned to give something that would match the amazing things that Solace Women's Aid do for women & children. In celebration of International Women's Day we donated 8% of all sales driven on the week of International Women's Day to Solace Women's Aid donating over £800.

Solace Women's Aid exists to end harm against Women and Girls with the aim of preventing violence and abuse by providing services that meet the needs of women and girls. They have a vision of a world where women and children live their lives free from all forms of male Violence.

International Women's Day might only come around once a year but at No Escape we're always celebrating Women and will continue to do all that we can to support women.

Finding something new and creative for date night is never an easy task and we know that the usual cinema and bowling options just don’t do sometimes so look no further than No Escape for the perfect Date Night. Whether it’s a date night with a boyfriend/girlfriend or a first date, you want to keep it fun and exciting and trust us there's no better way to do that than with the No Escape Experience. We know you might not have considered our escape rooms as a date option but here’s why they are perfect for dates!

Our Escape rooms are all about working together and putting your minds together to get to the bottom of some brilliant challenges, what's better than that on a date night?! Typical date nights activities like mini golf or bowling usually see you competing which is probably something you might not want to do on a first date, so why not go for something that brings you closer together and who knows you might even learn a thing or two about the other person that you didn’t know before!

Communication is a key pillar to any relationship and there’s no better way to improve this than by playing an escape room! One of the reasons they are so popular is that they improve teamwork and communication because when that door closes and the time starts to count down it’s just the two of you working together so as a couple you will need to communicate clearly and effectively to escape.

There’s nothing worse on date night than when the other persons phone is pinging away but one of the best things about escape rooms for date's is that there are simply no distractions. No phones or laptops to take your attention away from the fact that it’s just you and your partner on a mission so the messages can wait!

Escape rooms are great for couples but they’re even better for groups of 4 so why not grab another couple and make it a Double Date Night!? There aren’t many feelings better than beating a really challenging escape room and completing it together will make for memories that will certainly bring you closer together.

So next time you’re in charge of a date night or you’re planning the perfect first date and need a new and creative idea, how about booking one of our award winning Escape Rooms in London!

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